I'm Susan.

I'm now 43, a mom, and just generally the wearer of many hats. About 10 years ago, after countless bad purchases and a whole lot of frustration, I stumbled upon a color that helped bring out my natural beauty. But I wasn't going to wait for serendipity to strike again. I was sure there must be some way to more systematically identify what other colors might be flattering on me. On my way to finding an answer, I became a certified personal stylist and color strategist. The latter, in particular, provided the insights necessary for the idea fairy to pay me a visit, which resulted in the Style for Substance Color service.

The Style for Substance Color service is the first objective and completely transparent option for personal color analysis. My goal through this patent-pending service is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to feel confident putting together looks that flatter. Style for Substance prioritizes quality, integrity, and convenience—all wrapped in a friendly and approachable bow. In the end, I wanted style advice that put me, as the customer, first. And I couldn't find it. So I built it. For us.

Are you interested in a more hands-on service? Want something truly new and valuable for your next women's group, bridal shower, spa day, or birthday celebration? Group sessions are available on request in the Washington, DC area and elsewhere with sufficient demand. Please Contact Us to submit an enquiry.