Personalized Color Guide with Colorimeter


Looking for a better way to find colors that work for you? Want to ensure your wardrobe brings out the best version of yourself? Now you can with the Custom Color Guide with Colorimeter.

About The Custom Color Guide with Colorimeter

Style for Substance Color offers an easy, objective, and accurate way to find your best and most flattering colors.

Combining cutting-edge color tools with established color harmonies and a patent-pending approach, you'll be armed with an objective and reproducible method to finding your best colors.

When you order, you'll receive a highly-accurate color measurement tool called a colorimeter to perform skin and hair color scans and a fully customized numerical color palette based on your fixed colors with digital color swatches.

No more wondering if this goes with that--you'll know which clothing colors will look best on you! And the colorimeter is yours to keep, so you can analyze your closet and any potential future additions.

What's Included With My Order?

You will receive the following:

1. A colorimeter for you to find your unique fixed colors,

2. Instructions on how to use and send in your color readings, and

3. A custom color guide that outlines your perfect colors!

How Will This Guide Help Me Get Dressed?

The custom color service provides clarity on which colors make you shine your brightest for every occasion! You'll be empowered with objective tools to help you feel more confident with your wardrobe selection.