Your Color Analysis Kit Has Arrived! Now What?

Colorimeter Setup


Wake Up Your Device!

Your colorimeter arrives in a low-power “sleep” state. Wake it up by plugging it into any micro USB charger using the enclosed cable (it’s located in the box under the device).

Note: It takes about two hours to fully charge the device. 


Download Nix Toolkit App

Download and open the free Nix Toolkit App from the App Store or Google Play.


Location & Bluetooth

You must allow location services and Bluetooth for your colorimeter to function properly.


Connect Nix App to Colorimeter

In the Nix Toolkit App, log in (or click "Continue without signing in"), choose “Connect to Nix,” and select the top device from the list.

Your device will run a short set of checks, and you will see the light flash. Then click "Okay."


Settings Setup & Configuration

Select “Single scan” from the menu and then tap the gear icon at the top right. Select “D65/10” under “Reference white” and uncheck all the items under “Display color fields” except for “LCH(ab).” Then click on the back arrow at the top. 


Attaching the Adapter to Your Nix Device

Attach the adaptor to your colorimeter (these are located in the flap below the post-it notes).

If you have trouble getting the adapter to snap into the device, try lining up the sides and press down on each one until it clicks into place.

Tips For Sucess

Standardized Backing

If the bundle of hair is too thin, light from the internal LEDs could pass through and reflect off the underlying surface.

For this reason, I suggest placing the hair against a standardized backing--ideally something opaque white.

Flat Surface Use

It's important to create a flat surface that is free of any gaps. The hair should be packed tightly together to create a solid surface.

Hair Orientation

Sometimes the orientation of the hair strands can affect the reading. You may get slightly different results when the device is held parallel to the strands of hair versus perpendicular to the strands.

I suggest deciding on placing the device one way or the other and sticking with it as part of your procedure.

Common Questions

What Happens After I Submit My Colors?

Once you've submitted your colors, I’ll start working on your color guide. As soon as it’s ready (usually within three business days), your personalized guide will be delivered to your email address on file.

How Long Does It Take To Process My Colors?

Once we receive your colors, you can expect your personalized color guide to be delivered to the email address on file within 3 business days.

Why Do Color Swatches Look Different From My Skin/Hair?

When the adaptor is attached, the color swatches on your screen appear a little darker than your actual skin and hair. That's completely fine and expected (it actually has to do with light geometry); you'll just need to make sure the adaptor is on when you take your measurements in the future for it to be an apples-to-apples comparison.

However, if the color looks very different from your observed hair or skin color, move the device a short distance and try again.

If the reading still looks odd, it could mean the device needs to be recharged.