Introducing Style For Substance Color

Introducing Style For Substance Color


Discover a new way to curate your wardrobe using customized color palettes tailored just for you.

Do you need help finding the perfect colors to wear that complement your unique features? Are you tired of relying on generalized color categories or seasonal color analyses that don't quite fit your individual needs?

Well, we have some exciting news! We're proud to announce the launch of Style for Substance Color. This groundbreaking service combines the power of cutting-edge technology and established color theory to create customized clothing color palettes for individuals.

In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the world of personalized color analysis and how our patent-pending process is revolutionizing the way people choose and wear colors.



Table of Contents:

  1. The "Why" Behind Style for Substance Color

  2. The Challenges of Traditional Color Analysis Methods

  3. The Science Behind Style for Substance Color

  4. How Our Custom Color Palette Service Works

  5. The Benefits of a Personalized Color Palette

  6. Your Sustainable and Confident Wardrobe Journey Starts Here

  7. Frequently Asked Questions

  8. Conclusion


The "Why" Behind Style for Substance Color

Hello there! I'm Susan. About 10 years ago, after countless bad purchases and frustration (including tons of magic unicorn must-haves and seemingly endless capsule wardrobe essentials), I stumbled upon a color that helped bring out my natural beauty. I found it in a sale t-shirt in an odd, mossy yellowish-green that nobody else wanted.


When I tried it on and looked in the mirror, I discovered that my skin, which I had always considered a somewhat unfortunate color, looked almost like it was glowing. I was hooked. But I wasn't going to wait for serendipity to strike again. I was sure there was some way to more systematically identify what other colors might be flattering on me.


I became a certified personal stylist and color strategist on my way to finding an answer. The latter, in particular, provided the insights necessary for the idea fairy to pay me a visit, which resulted in our Color service. 


 I'll never forget how amazing it feels to finally understand that there's nothing wrong with me just the way I am (in part, because that t-shirt will need to be torn out of my cold, dead hands 😁), and I hope to play some small role in helping others feel the same. I guarantee that there are colors out there that can help you fall in love with the skin you're in, too, because all colors are beautiful in the proper context.  





The Challenges of Traditional Color Analysis Methods

For years, people have been turning to color analysis methods to determine the best colors to wear for their skin tone, hair color, and other personal features. Seasonal color analysis, which categorizes individuals into one of four "seasons," has been a popular approach. This method relies on a set number of predetermined palettes that correlate loosely with the colors often associated with the four distinct seasons. 


However, many people, myself included, don't fit neatly into a specific category or suffer from categorizations that differ depending on your method, app, or stylist. I've been categorized into each of the different seasons (at times by the same test). Even if you are dumped into a clear and consistent bucket, the palettes for that category can vary substantially.


Moreover, methods that use proxies to determine an individual's best colors, such as the appearance of their veins or whether they look better in warm or cool colors, can be imprecise and subjective. And using screens to determine colors or reproducing color swatches with inks can result in inaccuracies that may lead to less-than-optimal color choices.



The Science Behind Style for Substance Color

At Style for Substance Color, we wanted to develop a more accurate and customized solution for helping individuals find their best colors to wear. We combined cutting-edge color sensing technology with Munsell color theory to do this.  


A colorimeter is a device that measures the color of an object, including hue, value, and chroma. Hue refers to the dominant wavelength of light (commonly referred to as the "color," for example, red, green, or blue), value represents the lightness or darkness of a color, and chroma indicates the color's intensity or saturation. We can better understand an individual's unique colors by measuring these three components.


Munsell color theory, developed by Albert H. Munsell in the early 20th century, provides a systematic way to describe and organize colors based on hue, value, and chroma. This system allows us to create color palettes that are harmonious and precisely tailored to each individual's unique features.


 Our patent-pending process takes the colorimeter's hue, value, and chroma readings from your primary fixed colors, such as those in your skin and hair. Then, to develop your perfect color palette, we find colors that share key characteristics and relationships with your fixed colors. The result is a perfectly customized numerical palette that can be used, along with your colorimeter, to finally (finally!) achieve a wardrobe full of pieces in your most flattering colors. 



How Our Custom Color Palette Service Works

Our personalized color service is designed to be user-friendly and convenient.


Here's how it works:

  1. Order our color analysis kit, which includes a colorimeter and other necessary accessories.

  2. Use the colorimeter to measure your hair and skin's hue, value, and chroma.

  3. Send the color measurements back to us. Our color experts will create a customized color guide tailored specifically for you.

  4. Receive your personalized color guide and tips on scanning your existing wardrobe and potential clothing purchases to see if they match your custom palette.

  5. Finally, we'll provide additional content to address more complex color.

  6. concepts, such as balance and contrast and how to make what you can't find. 



The Benefits of a Personalized Color Palette

Our service gives you a customized palette unique to your features. Potential side effects include: 

  1. Confidence: Knowing which colors best complement your appearance can increase confidence in your clothing choices and overall appearance.
  2. Better Shopping Decisions: With the colorimeter and personalized color guide, you can quickly determine if a clothing item matches your custom palette before purchasing, reducing the likelihood of making unnecessary or unflattering purchases.
  3. Wardrobe Optimization: By scanning your wardrobe with the colorimeter, you can identify which items work best with your custom palette and make more informed decisions about future purchases or wardrobe edits.
  4. Sustainability: Making better clothing choices can lead to a more sustainable wardrobe by reducing the number of items you purchase and eventually discard due to them not being flattering or compatible with your palette.



Your Sustainable and Confident Wardrobe Journey Starts Here

 At Style for Substance Color, our goal is to help you create a wardrobe that is not only flattering but also sustainable and in line with your personal values. By providing the tools and guidance to make informed color choices, we aim to empower you to curate a wardrobe that reflects your unique style and preferences.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does the service cost? 

Our custom color palette service is priced at $295.


Is the colorimeter challenging to use? 

The colorimeter is user-friendly, and we'll provide detailed instructions for measuring your hair and skin colors.


Do you offer ongoing support? 

Yes, we'll be sharing color relationships, tips, and tricks with purchasers of the color guide via email in the months following purchase.





Style for Substance Color is revolutionizing the way people choose and wear colors. Combining cutting-edge technology with time-tested color theory gives individuals the tools to make confident, sustainable, and personalized wardrobe choices.


Say goodbye to generic color categories and inaccurate color swatches, and embrace the power of customized color palettes tailored just for you. Are you ready to begin your journey towards a more confident and sustainable wardrobe?


Start here to learn more about our innovative color analysis service and to order your personalized color analysis kit today.